Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion: J. Crew Jewelry

I had the best time having dinner with my cousins in San Francisco this weekend! It was good food, good city, and the company made it extra special; I always have the best time spending time with them. My cousin Ellen sat across from me and I couldn't help but notice the dazzling yellow/gold ring on her finger, which matches perfectly with her "grape juice" (Ellen I hope you're reading this). It has a big brown/taupe-ish gem in the middle and was surrounded by smaller clustered yellow/gold crystals. It was very sweet yet glamorous and it was something that will always catch whoever's attention. It was from J. Crew.

This reminds me exactly how wonderful is J. Crew's jewelry collection. On top of great American preppy style, J. Crew really provides some outstanding jewelry options to complement their hugely popular clothing lines (largely thanks to a big push by a certain Mrs. O). But the jewelry of J. Crew are often statement pieces that are affordable for what they are and always remain stylish and unique enough to add that extra special touch to your outfit.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a good enough picture of the ring Ellen was wearing. But click here to check out the latest collection and below are a couple pictures of the pieces.

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  1. danggg - i didn't even know j-crew made jewelry =O

    for sure jon! i'll give you the books when you come back from sf