Monday, July 12, 2010

Tennis: The Wimbledon-US Open Series layover

Though many die hard tennis fans try to make the gap between Wimbledon and the start of the US Open Series sounds exciting, it really isn't (not to me at least). And how can it be? You simply cannot have the energy after witnessing the drama unfolding at Wimbledon and anticipating the battles that will take place in the summer leading up to the US Open. And not helping the matter at all, for the two weeks in between, there's oddly some clay court tournaments, Davis Cup quarterfinals, and then a grass court tournament, the Hall of Fame induction, in Newport. Those tournaments are not only odd, they also feature match-ups and quality of play that are as unassuming as the outfits of some of these 50-100 ranked players. Let's face it, even though intriguing players are still around, generally it's not that exciting outside the top 20, maybe top 30 for men's. Plus, I simply need some time to recuperate.

So recuperate I go, and what a perfect time to switch my attention to finding the perfect stripe tee for the summer,OH, or a stripe tee for tennis, especially after spotting this mini street style trend on the internet.

And random question, when people say the US Open, do you think of tennis or golf?


  1. i definitely think of tennis.
    and then i think of roddick
    the 1st us open i followed was 2003 when roddick won it all and i became a super roddick fan, lol. now... i await his return to glory in winning it again

  2. I don't know if he'll return to glory man, I hope so, but I doubt it

    I'll hope alongside you, he was pretty bad at Wimbledon