Sunday, July 18, 2010

When Tennis meets Fashion: Stella McCartney for Addidas US Open Dress, STUNNER!

I'm ready to say this: the best, most innovative, most fashionable tennis dress I've seen. It's simple, sexy, glamorous, sporty, exciting, and it's everything Nike wants but haven't been able to produce and now Addidas is BRINGING IT! I love both color and seriously can't say which one's better. Too bad Maria Sharapova's tied down with a contract with Nike, she'd look so much better than Caroline Wozniaki wearing this...sadness.

Update: Caroline modeled it wearing a neon yellow bra/tank top underneath, where as before it looked elegant and chic, now there's an instant youthfulness and so much more urban and perfect for a fashionable youngster in NYC.

1 comment:

  1. nike > adidas!
    well.. not sure in style... but i like nike > adidas lol
    tehrefoer - i am happy for maria sharapova