Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion: Siriano's dramatic gowns

Two posts in one day (or one night) is rare for me now, not to mention 2 posts about the same designer of the same collection in one night. But this is just too good, haha.

In the same show, Christian Siriano showcased his signature feminine style with drama and color. While the designer is still maintaining much of his signature silhouettes, he is also exploring more wearable options such as button downs, a-line skirts, shorts...etc. But enough about the practical, the designer's first love remains dramatic gowns that are destined to be on a red-carpet soon (I even see a legitimate Oscar or Caines film festival gown!!)

Check out the last 4 numbers he chose to close the show today:

He started the finale lightly, with a relatively easygoing flowy gown, great shape, great color, and love the print, it definitely seems more of a resort gown, but spring...resort....same thing

Then he moved onto his signature silhouette, the one that Rihanna endorsed frequently this past season and I won't be surprised to see her wear this. Either that or some starlet on the red carpet of the Globes..OR...some not so chic Hip Hop singer trying to look glam. Not a big fan of this type of gown, b/c it can easily look like two mushroom clouds on the bottom, one would need really good upper body proportion in order to pull this off.

This one is my absolute favorite out of the whole collection. Simply stunning, pretty, and gorgeous. It's not just princess-y, instead it has intricacy and craftsmanship, and showmanship all together. The only thing is I think Siriano often suffer from taste in fabric choice, this gown would look so much more graceful and ethereal if the material for the bodice is a graceful lace or a chic crepe. It is also going to be a difficult gown to pull off, but I do hope to see it at some major film festival. It'll probably not make it to the Oscars since it's too far away, and that is a indeed a pity.

WOW.... I was going to leave it at WOW, but I really need to point out how beautiful is the color, and if a stylist decides to chop off all the top half of the "red foam/madness/whatever you want to call it", then this would make a stunning red-carpet moment.

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