Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tennis: Wozniacki redeeming herself??

What is a pusher? A pusher can also be called a human backboard, one who doesn't have much power and uses great timing to "stay in the rally" and often only win because the opponent self-destruct. Though it takes great skills and talents in order to become a great "pusher", the fact that their victories depends on other people's "mercy" render little respect for this particular brand of tennis player, and Caroline Wozniacki is...or apparently was such a kind of player.

Wozniacki made headlines at this year's US Open (which is having the women's final today, sans Wozniacki) by beating Maria Sharapova in the fourth round decisively 6-3 6-4. It was a display of power, skills, composure, and tennis wit as she completely outplayed Sharapova from most parts of the court. It was a performance that is worthy of permanently severing any ties she has with the word "pusher".

Most of the tennis world began to jump on the bandwagon soon after and all proclaimed Wozniacki a future champion, the new "it" girl...etc. The best part is, Stella McCartney for Addias, which made my favorite tennis dress this year for Wozniacki at the US Open, is FINALLY getting the attention they deserve by pairing with a player who has the ability to garner that amount of enthusiasm.

Too bad Caroline lost yesterday to Vera Zvonareva in the semi-final. But given her tender age of 20, there are many more years ahead for her to fulfill one of the many accolades bestowed on her this past week.

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  1. i want to be skilled like a pusher... but i also want power
    let's play tennis