Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tennis: Nadal to meet Soderling in French Open Final tomorrow, this is what he's wearing

Nadal is due to take back his French Open glory by attempting to beat Robin Soderling in the French Open final set to happen tomorrow early morning (US time). But before that, let's take a look at Nadal's outfit, of which I always sort of subconsciously shunned.

Nadal's Nike outfit is always a bit sub par to Federer's since I prefer Federer's classy attire to Nadal's youthful and rambunctious style. His FO outfit this year is no exception. Nike has a fascination of putting bright, in your face color on Nadal, all at the same time. He last wore a shirt that has fascia, yellow, and peachy orange. This year, Nike took a page out of the 90s and created a shirt with neon blue and green. The look is a bit dated, but is actually quite pleasant to the eyes. They also went for a laid-back feel creating an illusion of a white tee layered underneath it. This could easily be any teenager taking a stroll in any young hipster Parisian district.

And notice the Nadal signature caprice is gone (it's actually been awhile already), and he's kept his guns away from the public with a short-sleeve shirt instead. And I have to say the knock-out piece in his outfit is the shoes, this pair of tennis shoes is so sick. It's sporty, good use of color, the gray mesh is awesome, and sometimes Nadal's Nike sneakers can be a bit on the bulky side, but this one is getting more streamlined. It has youth and a bit of maturity to it at the same time, precisely representing Nadal's tennis career at the moment.

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